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A story shared by many

Do you find yourself spending a lot of time at home on your phone? Wishing to escape to a different more beautiful and exciting world? A holiday or diving destination on your bucket list? Travel2Sea is there for you !

We are excited to welcome you to our new portfolio. We share the beauty of exploring the ocean ‘above and below’. It was born out of our love for travel, the sea and creating beautiful images. To share with you and others who are passionate about nature, filmmaking and photography. Weekly we will share our best inspiring stories, short clips and photos. With a dedication to capture the beauty of nature and the soul of its inhabitants. If you haven’t visited yet, you can find us on

We are both passionate dive professionals with a background in dive operation management and marine conservation. Whilst currently managing a dive center in North Sulawesi, we both enjoy capturing underwater images. Niels is a talented photographer, whilst Celine creates fun, cinematic, and educational videos, highlighting the beauty of our underwater world.

Since March 2020, international travelling came to a full stop for most of us. We had just arrived in Indonesia to start a new job when the resort and dive centre closed and we were stuck in paradise.

A year later the world is still trapped by the pandemic. For many the situation is a struggle without work, school or entertainment. In our case we took the opportunity to discover the eastern part of Indonesia. The friendliness of the people, their stories and incredible diversity of nature was so overwhelming, we knew we had to share it. So Travel2Sea was born and dedicated to the many wonderful and inspiring people dedicated and passionate about their work, community, nature and conservation.

The pandemic has been though for everyone. Everyone is adapting to a situation that is very different from the usual. Everywhere we meet people who start new activities and create opportunities. People who lost their jobs and income, start gardening and fishing. Bake donuts for friends and neighbours to create a new way of income for themselves. We saw young kids in villages studying on the porch because school is closed. And taking care of household activities at the same time.

These are the stories of daily life in ordinary places that make the human ability to learn and adapt extraordinary. We hope you will enjoy the pictures, short clips and stories we post. Connect, comment and share your story. "Travel2Sea is a story shared by many".

By (March 2nd, 2021)

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